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Dear Ella Joyce,
I had to write and give you props because your book, Kink Phobia, saved my hair! It's said that "timing is everything" and I'm so grateful I read your book before I lost all my hair. After years of perms and touchups, I noticed that my dark brown hair was thinning and turning red!! When I mentioned this to my hairdresser at the time, her only comfort was to say that red hair would look good on me!! (I should have jumped up and ran out right then and there!) Well, blessings to you Ella Joyce for helping a Sista reclaim her hair. I have been perm free for 2 years and your California Twist style is working well for me. Who would have thought that I could get my "virgin" hair back! Ms. Joyce, you have an excellent down to earth writing style and your words seem to flow from your heart! You exhibited grace under fire as you dealt with your own hair adversities! By the way, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and now three members of my household are wearing your California Twists! Thank you again for your book. I look forward to Kink Phobia 2.

     Sincerely, Mrs. L.M. Brown

"...a fascinating adventure full of information and entertainment."
     Licia L. Shearer, Editor
     Entertainment News, Urban Inspired

"The book is wonderful. Thanks for helping me back to my roots."
     Cheryl Valentine, Educator
     Detroit High School for the Fine & Performing Arts, Detroit, MI

"..unique, educated explanation of the source and care of hair for Women of Color."
     Juney Smith, Drama Teacher, High School of Performing Arts, NYC
     President of Mattie Films

" to read and wonderful. ...warm, charming, clear, courageous and very personal. I learned a lot."
     Peggy Berlin, Ph.D., California

"... informative, entertaining, and refreshingly honest."
     Lynne Marie Brown, Actress, NYC

"I just loved reading your book. ...not just a book about fashion, this is a book about identity, embracing one's culture, and pride of oneself. ...great read, and a great service for lots of people."
     Jan Berlin, Ph.D., California

"...good book. There can never be too much written about the drama which is our hair."
     Kelli Hancock, Actress, California

"I just love my book and my Twists! You have become an authority on 'kinks'."
     Margo Moorer, Actress, Atlanta

" invitation for us to begin a 'Loving Journey' through our own heads. It propels us on this discovery of the unique beauty of 'the KinK.' Thank you Ella Joyce."
     Barabara J. Cox, Director/Founder
     Society of the Culturally Concerned, Detroit, MI

"This is really 'Journey through the Black Man's mind'".
     Bill Cobbs, Actor, Los Angeles

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